Seminar Nasional Ilmu Komputer (SNASIKOM) <p>Prosiding Seminar Nasional Ilmu Komputer merupakan sarana publikasi luaran yang dihasilkan dari kegiatan seminar yang diselenggarakan oleh Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu.</p> Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu en-US Seminar Nasional Ilmu Komputer (SNASIKOM) RANCANG BANGUN APLIKASI BERBASIS WEBSITE LAYANAN KUNJUNGAN DI LAPAS NARKOTIKA KELAS IIB PURWOKERTO <p>With the development of information technology, it has influenced various aspects of public services. Public service is an activity or series of activities in the context of service needs in accordance with statutory regulations for every citizen and resident for goods, services and/or administrative services provided by public service providers. At Class IIB Narcotics Prison Purwokerto services for registration of visits are still carried out manually, namely visitors are required to come first to the prison and register first. The service will be carried out by means of visitors registering with the administration and then choosing a schedule for the visit provided that the inmates visited also agree with the visit. This is not effective, so it is necessary to design a website?based application for visiting services so that public services are better for the community and more effective. And this application has its own name and logo as the identity of the application itself. With the final results achieved in designing this website?based application It is hoped that it will make it easier for users to make reservation visits and increase efficiency in public services for the better, especially at the Class IIB Narcotics Prison in Purwokerto.</p> Andika Thoriq Tegar Setiaji Cahyo Prihantoro Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-07 2023-10-07 1 14 IMPLEMENTASI KOMBINASI ALGORITMA MYSZKOWSKI TRANSPOSITION DAN VIGENERE CIPHER PADA KEAMANAN UNTUK FILE TEKS <p>Security and confidentiality issues are important aspects of data, messages and information. Myszkowski transposition work is done by compiling plaintext into matrix rows. Then the matrix is read per column so that the ciphertext is obtained. The number of columns used in the matrix is determined by the length of the key used. while the Vigenere Cipher works by reading word per character, where if the message sent exceeds the length of the key used, the key will be repeated again until the message sent gets its respective key. By combining the Myszkowski transposition algorithm and the Vigenere Cipher, it produces a method that can provide a better level of security compared to applying each method separately. <br>The results of the analysis and testing carried out using different decryption keys produced that the ciphertext could not be restored, which shows that this is normal because the method used is symmetric cryptography so that the decryption process can only be carried out using the same key as the key at the time of decryption.</p> Meylissa Khairil Juju Jumadi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-07 2023-10-07 15 26 SISTEM PAKAR DIAGNOSIS PENYAKIT RHINITIS ALLERGIKA MENGGUNAKAN METODE FORWARD CHAINING DI POLI THT RUMAH SAKIT RAFFLESIA BENGKULU <p>Rhinitis is a disease caused by an allergic reaction. This condition can cause some sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. Allergic rhinitis can be caused by an abnormality of the immune system in responding to allergic triggers or allergens. Allergic rhinitis must be treated properly, otherwise it can cause complications. As a first step in dealing with allergic rhinitis, an Expert System for Allergic Rhinitis Diagnosis Using Forward Chaining Method was created at ENT Poly of Rafflesia Hospital Bengkulu. This system can be used by the public as a first step when experiencing symptoms of allergic rhinitis, it can be used by patients to consult from anywhere online by accessing the website page Designed using PHP programming language and MySQL database. The results of testing the system diagnosis with a doctor's diagnosis obtained a system accuracy value of 88%. Based on the questionnaire distributed by the researcher to 10 users of this expert system, the test results were quite good.</p> Yehezkiel Yoppie Yustianto Asnawati Ila Yati Beti Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-07 2023-10-07 27 35 IMPLEMENTASI FAILOVER DATABASE MENGGUNAKAN HEARTBEATS <p>For implement this high availability server, you can use special application software for clustering, such as heartbeat. This heartbeat is part of linux high availability project. Using heartbeat, you can do failover by promoting an active server to serve requests from clients and replace the function of the main server. This is done to ensure that the availability of existing data on the database server is always available when there is a request by the client. The purpose of this research is to build a database server that is always available by implementing a failover server and implementing data replication system on the database server. Database failover technology using heartbeats and using master to master replication system, data availability and system performance increase because the data has a backup. Failover database using heartbeats using master to master replication system has advantages (can do data backup automatically) and disadvantages (requires additional devices), so using this technology needs to be adjusted to the needs of system development.</p> Antika Sari Toibah Umi Kalsum Riska Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-07 2023-10-07 36 49 SISTEM INFORMASI MEDIA PROMOSI PADA FAKULTAS ILMU-ILMU SOSIAL UNIVERSITAS DEHASEN BENGKULU BERBASIS MULTIMEDIA <p>The aim to be achieved in this research is to create a multimedia-based promotional media information system at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Dehasen University Bengkulu. The research method used in this research is the waterfall method starting with the stages of needs analysis, system design, coding and testing, system implementation and maintenance.the software used in creating a multimedia-based promotional media information system is Adobe Animate 2015. The results of research on the information system created have a Home menu, Vision and Mission, Study Program, Promotional Media and Contact Us. Furthermore, the Study Program menu has a sub menu consisting of the Public Administration and Communication Studies study programs, each of which has a sub menu of information on activities, faculties, lecturers/teachers and staff in each study program. A multimedia-based information system using Adobe Animate 2015 software can run well and is able to provide increased information to students and the wider community regarding various information at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Dehasen University, Bengkulu.</p> Mesno Saputra Indra Kanedi Ricky Zulfiandry Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-07 2023-10-07 50 60 APLIKASI PENYANDIAN PESAN TEKS BERBASIS WEB MENGGUNAKAN ALGORITMA BLOWFISH <p>The Blowfish algorithm is one of the existing encoding systems. Encoding aims to make a message more secure for its confidentiality. The blowfish algorithm is one of the modern cryptographic algorithms that uses symmetric keys in the encryption and decryption process. The application of the blowfish algorithm in this study is to secure text messages between the sender and recipient of the text message through a web?based application. Cryptography is the art and science of protecting data transmission by converting it into a certain code and is only intended for people who only have a key to change the code back which functions to maintain the confidentiality of data or messages. Applications for sending <br>messages using the blowfish algorithm are made using the PHP programming language and MySQL database. This web?based text message encoding application consists of several menus, including login menus, lists, incoming messages and sending messages. The web?based text message encoding application runs well according to each existing menu.</p> Nelly Permatasari Yessi Mardiana Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-07 2023-10-07 61 68 SIMULASI INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEM (IDS) DALAM KEAMANAN WEB SERVER PADA JARINGAN <p>This study aims to design a computer network security system by implementing the Snort Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Built network security system. Integration between Snort Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Database System, and Monitoring System. In the test scheme, the system consists of two types, namely server and client. The server functions as an attack target and is also used to monitor the network. While the client functions as an intruder (intruder). The test method is to do Port Scanning so that you can get open ports 22, 80, 10000 and ping normally and ping by including data packets of 10000 and 65000. From the test results that have been done, Snort?IDS is able to detect packets that pass through network. From the results of the detection data, it will be sent to WhatsApp, then forwarded to the Snort GUI and stored in a log, making it easier to read the data. Linux Ubuntu Server When running the Snort Intrusion Detection System (IDS) it works well and requires a small source, namely a small CPU of 10% and a small memory of 50%.</p> Irma Malini Amir Yessi Mardiana Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-07 2023-10-07 69 82 IMPLEMENTASI DAN ANALISIS NETWORK INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEM (NIDS) UNTUK MONITORING JARINGAN INTRANET <p>This research aims to build a network intrusion detection system based on the Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) and implement a notification system on Android using a telegram bot application to receive monitoring results from NIDS quickly. This research is using experimental method. In this study, the implementation of the Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) and notification system using the Telegram application on an Android smartphone was carried out. The experimental results are then documented to conduct analysis so that appropriate recommendations are made for NIDS with notifications using the Telegram application on Android. From the results of the analysis, conclusions will be obtained regarding the benefits, functions and advantages of the system that has been built. The results of this study indicate that the Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) can detect ICMP flooding and UDP flooding attacks on the Intranet network. The results of the attack are sent to the network admin using a telegram bot notification system so that the admin can receive notifications of ICMP and UDP flooding attacks using a bash shell?based script. From the results of attack detection, there is a time difference of 5 minutes for the detection of UDP flooding attacks by the NIDS server, while for ICMP flooding attacks there is no time difference.</p> Meisi Sulfarita Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-07 2023-10-07 83 95 IMPLEMENTASI METODE CASE BASED REASONING (CBR) UNTUK MENENTUKAN JENIS KERUSAKAN PADA KAMERA <p>One of the tools based on information technology that is developing very quickly is the camera. But sometimes often have problems. This study aims to determine the damage to the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, therefore it can help camera owners to repair the damage to the camera. This system was created using the PHP Programming and MySQL Database. In this system, the Case Based Reasoning (CBR) method is implemented, namely the process of remembering a case in the past, then reusing it and adapting it in new cases. The results of this study can be said that the Case Based Reasoning (CBR) method can be implemented in the use of applications to diagnose damage to this camera. This system can make it easy for users to find out the damage that occurs to the camera and the initial solution to fix it.</p> Ari Fiardi Maryaningsih Eko Suryana Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-07 2023-10-07 96 104 IMPLEMENTASI ALGORITMA BINARY SEARCH PADA APLIKASI INVENTORY BARANG PADA PT. PERUSAHAAN PERDAGANGAN INDONESIA <p>PT. Indonesian Trading Company is a company engaged in trading. The problems that exist in PT. Indonesian Trading Company is all processes in and out of goods are still done manually, so errors often occur and require a lot of time to find out the stock of goods in the inventory. This study aims to create an inventory application at PT. Indonesian Trading Company uses PHP Programming Language and MySQL Database. The implementation of the system uses the PHP programming language and the method used in this research is the waterfall method. The results of this study is sales information system at PT. Indonesian Trading Company can facilitate the admin/cashier in processing sales data at PT. Indonesian Trading Company.</p> Mubin Yupianti Lena Elfianty Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-07 2023-10-07 105 113