International Conference On Health Science <p>This International Health Seminar is an international conference for students, health practitioners, academics, professional organizations, and the general public to present research results. The conference presents a variety of topics, as well as the opportunity to expand international networks with colleagues from all over the world.<br />The fourth International Conference is organized by the College of Health Sciences (FIKES) of Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu in 2020 to share knowledge, experiences and innovation in order to improve the professionalism of health workers through evidence-based practice. The scientific program on international health seminars includes various studies presented in the form of Seminars, Workshops, Posters and Oral Presentations in front of international and national participants. The committee provides an opportunity for all participants to get to know and exchange opinions with other delegates. This international health seminar is an excellent opportunity for health workers in which their research can be published in the form of google scholar indexed procedures and an Accredited National Journal (for the selected articles).</p> en-US Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 EVALUATION OF THE HEALTHY INDONESIA PROGRAM MODEL IN STUNTING PREVENTION MANAGEMENT IN THE WORKING AREA OF PUSKESMAS TAJINAN, MALANG DISTRICT <p>Stunting is one of the problems that can human development globally. East Java is one of the provinces that has a high prevalence of stunting. This shows the low quality of health services. The government is committed to reduce stunting rates through several health policies. The policy is in the form of a program launched by the Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes), namely the Healthy Indonesia Program with a Family Approach (PIS-PK), Provision of Supplementary Food and the First 1000 Days of Life (HPK). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the intervention program for the management of nutritional status of stunting under five with elements of input, process and output. This research is a qualitative research. The initial informants were determined by purposive sampling technique. The data collection method was through in-depth interviews, observation and documentation of 6 initial informants consisting of the head of the puskesmas, the coordinating midwife for Children and Mother Health, the nutrition coordinator, the village midwife, framework and some target mothers. Two triangulation informants consisting of the family health coordinator and the district health office nutrition coordinator. The results showed that at the input stage, the health workers involved still needed additional, there were no nutrition workers. In the process element, some of the programs were well implemented including the family approach through home visits by framework, healthy programs for pregnant women, exclusive breastfeeding, growth monitoring, supplementary feeding, giving vitamin A except for the taburia program. In the output element, the coverage of the prevalence of stunting in the Tajinan Public Health Center, Malang Regency in 2018 was 17.24%</p> Rifzul Maulina Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 DESCRIPTION OF THE LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE, ASTHMA PREVENTION AND CONTROL EFFORTS IN BAMBU AND BINANGA HEALTH CENTER MAMUJU DISTRICT <p>The prevalence is increasing every year and is currently recognized as one of the most costly and preventable<br>diseases. Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract that results in narrowing of the airways<br>leading to the airways wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and chest pain. The purpose of this study was to<br>determine the level of knowledge, prevention of asthma recurrence, and asthma control at the Bambu and<br>Binanga Health Center, Mamuju Regency. This study used a descriptive study conducted from March to June<br>2020 with a total of 68 respondents who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Collecting research data using<br>a demographic data questionnaire, level of knowledge, prevention of asthma recurrence, and Asthma Control<br>Test (ACT). The results showed the level of knowledge and efforts to prevent asthma recurrence in the Bamboo<br>Health Center and Binanga Health Center groups was still in the low category, while at the control level it was<br>in the partially controlled category and even there were still uncontrolled groups of respondents. This research<br>is expected to be a reference source for health workers, especially nurses and doctors, in increasing knowledge,<br>preventing asthma relapse, and controlling asthma in asthma patients.</p> <p><br><br></p> Ummu Kalsum1, Akbar Nur2 Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC SITUATION <p>Covid-19 pandemic conditions have the potential to increase postpartum stress disorders. Postpartum<br>depression (PPD) is a serious emotional/psychological function (mental disorder) that affects 10% -20% of<br>mothers and mostly occurs in the first three months after birth. The effects of PPD are very serious for the<br>mother, and the whole family 20% of maternal mortality in the course of delivery after delivery and also to<br>infant mortality and morbidity. This study aims to determine the incidence of postpartum depression when the<br>Covid-19 pandemic occurs. The research design used was cross-sectional using anonymous online questionnare.<br>The research subjects were postpartum mothers at 1-24 weeks among 106 respondents. Retrieval of data using<br>the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) questionnaire includes 10 questions and respondent<br>characteristics that are distributed online. The results showed that the incidence of PPD reached 28.3%. The<br>proportion of PPD incidence increased based on postpartum time: 10% at less than one month, 32% at 1 month,<br>19% at 2 months, 31.3% at 3 months and 35.3% at 4 months and over. The various psychological impacts of a<br>pandemic are additional in addition to the psychological impacts on post partum mothers themselves. Certain<br>precautions associated with risk factors need to be carried out through early diagnosis and intervention to<br>minimize PPD and increase the psychological resilience of mothers following childbirth.</p> Rr. Arum Ariasih, Dewi Purnamawati Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 COMMUNITY SERVICES IN PANDEMIC SITUATION: PREPARING QUALITY OF LIFE IN MIDDLE AGE GROUP THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA EDUCATION “KULWAP” (KULIAH WHATSAPP) <p>In the next few years, Indonesia is predicted to face an aging population, which is an elderly population of more<br>than 10%. Biologically, the aging process occurs continuously, which is marked by decreased physical<br>endurance, making it more susceptible to diseases that may cause death. During the Covid-19 pandemic,<br>education as a community service still needs to be provided but it is held by online method. One of the most<br>strategies method is ‘KulWap’ or ‘Kuliah WhatsApp’. KulWap is held in a WhatsApp group called 'CDC' in<br>Depok. The group consists of adults to pre-elderly. There are 6 Kulwap sessions in 3 weeks. In one week there<br>are 2 KulWap sessions with a duration of 60 minutes every Tuesday and Friday night. We discusses balanced<br>diet, physical activity, menopause, osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus and contraception. As an evaluation,<br>participants were asked to fill in the online pre-test and post-test. The overall results of the pre-test and post-test<br>showed that the participants' knowledge increased after KulWap. We hope that all CDC members can apply the<br>knowledge gained in everyday life to achieve quality of life in old age</p> Mizna Sabilla , Mustakim , Febi Sukma , RR Arum Ariasih , Rusman Efendi , Thresya Febrianti Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 THE RELATIONSHIP OF YOGA GYMNASTICS WITH REDUCING PREGNANT WOMEN ANXIETY <p>Prenatal yoga has the potential to create balance and is a comprehensive system because prenatal yoga can<br>seek to harmonize the body, mind and spirit by using physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises<br>(prayanama), concentration and meditation. Yoga exercises in pregnancy can reduce the occurrence of bleeding<br>during childbirth and after delivery as a result of decreased stress. Anxiety conditions often occur in pregnant<br>women who are nearing labor. The purpose of writing this article is to determine the relationship between<br>prenatal yoga and anxiety reduction in pregnant women and provide recommendations for reducing anxiety<br>levels. The research method used in this research is literature study with computerized search on online journal<br>service providers (Google Sholar, PubMed, Science Direct). The journals obtained totaled 18 journals (6 in<br>Indonesian and 8 in English and 4 documents or reports and published from 2012 to 2020. The research<br>methods used in each journal obtained mostly use statistical analysis and literature review. There is a<br>relationship between prenatal yoga and decreased maternal anxiety. The benefits of prenatal yoga can help<br>reduce anxiety arising from pregnancy and childbirth. With prenatal<br>yoga you can release anxiety, self-doubt, worry and other negative emotions.</p> Ronalen Br. Situmorang Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 THE RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN PRE-PREGNANCY BODY MASS INDEX WITHHEPCIDIN AND FERITIN LEVELS <p>Pregnancy with anemia is often occurs. An estimated 38% of pregnant women in the world are anemic.<br>Pregnant women who have a normal BMI before pregnancy have more iron stores. Being overweight, especially<br>obesity, is associated with systemic inflammation, thereby increasing hepcidin and ferritin, which disrupt<br>hemoglobin synthesis. This study aims to analyze the relationship between pre-pregnancy BMI with hepcidin<br>and ferritin levels. This research is an observational analytic study with a cross sectional approach. The<br>population is anemia pregnant women and the number of samples is 24 peoples. Blood collection, prepregnancy BMI data collection and hemoglobin level checks were carried out at Pauh Padang Health Center.<br>Hemoglobin levels were examined with a hematology analyzer. Hepcidin and ferritin were examined using the<br>ELISA method at the Biomedical Laboratory of Andalas University. The pre-pregnancy BMI variable was<br>divided into 2 categories, namely non-overweight (?24.99) and overweight (? 25.00). Data analysis was<br>performed by univariate and bivariate. The results showed that the mean hepcidin level in the overweight group<br>(39.70 ± 6.97 ng / ml) was higher than the mean hepcidin level in the non-overweight group (36.88 ± 5.83 ng/ml)<br>and the median ferritin level in the overweight group 17,33 (4.97-26.21) ng/ml was higher than the ferritin level<br>in the non-overweight group (5.49 (1.01-53.26) ng / ml). That showed no significant relationship between prepregnancy BMI and hepcidin levels (p = 0.69) and no significant relationship between pre-pregnancy BMI and<br>ferritin levels (p = 0.69).</p> Putri Engla Pasalina , Afrah Diba Faisal Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 THE INFLUENCE OF CORRECT BREASTFEEDING TECHNIQUE TO INFANTS’S WEIGHT GAIN TOWARDS 0-3 MONTH OLD BABIES AT PUSKESMAS MUNGKAJANG PALOPO 2019 <p>Exclusive breastfeeding means that infant receives only breast milk until for six months of its first life without<br>any liquid or additional food. It is very important to support the infants healthy and improve their immunity to<br>any disease. By knowing a correct breastfeeding technique, mothers could feed their babies optimally, so the<br>baby’s growth become normal and it could be seen on their weight increasing every month. This study was<br>conducted to analyze the influence of correct breastfeeding technique towards the increasing in weight of 0-3<br>month old babies at Puskesmas Mungkajang, 2019. It was a observational research with cross sectional design<br>among a total sampling of 30 mothers who has 0-3 month old babies. It used an observation sheet as research<br>instrument. Baby’s weight measurement using baby scales at Puskesmas. The data were analyzed statistically<br>using Correlation Test. The result showed that correct breastfeeding technique affect the baby’s weight gain<br>with p value 0.002 (&lt;0.05) and r count values was 0.553 (&gt; 0.3610). The conclusion is the correct breastfeeding<br>technique affects the baby’s weight gain toward 0-3 month old babies at Puskesmas Mungkajang.</p> Meri Pasongli’ ,Yuniar Dwi Yanti, Fitri H Sudiamin Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 ANALYSIS OF ACUTE RESPIRATORY INFECTION IN TODDLER IN PAKASAI AND TALAGO SARIAK VILLAGE, PARIAMAN CITY <p>Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) is an infectious disease of the upper or lower respiratory tract. Data from the<br>Pariaman Health Office stated that the highest coverage of ARI cases in toddler was in the Kampung Baru<br>Padusunan Public Health Center with 75 cases and the highest number of cases was in Pakasai and Talago<br>Sariak Village, as12 cases. This type of research is analytic observational with cross sectional design. The<br>number of samples in this study were 235 toddlers. The sampling technique was done by using proportional<br>random sampling technique. Collecting data using a questionnaire and observation of the maternal and child<br>health book. Then the data were analyzed by univariate and bivariate with the chi-square statistical test. This<br>study shows that there is a relationship between knowledge (p = 0.009), immunization status of toddler (p =<br>0.000) and sources of air pollution (p = 0.000) with the incidence of ARI in toddler. Therefore, it is hoped that<br>health workers will collaborate with cadres in order to provide education to the community, especially for<br>mothers of toddlers, about the causes of ARI and the importance of integrated healthcare center visits for<br>toddlers.</p> Sevilla Ukhtil Huvaid, dan Annisa Cayra Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH EDUCATION AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF CADRES IN DARUL ULUM ISLAMIC BOARDING SCHOOL AIE PACAH PADANG <p>Reproductive health education and the formation of reproductive health cadres are one of the<br>activities to provide knowledge, change attitudes and behaviors to students at Darul<br>'UlumIslamicBoarding School Aie Pacah Padang. This was motivated by the emergence of health<br>problems in the IslamicBoarding School including ignorance of the causes of breast and stomach pain<br>before and during menstruation, irritation between the thighs during menstruation, vaginal discharge<br>and clean and healthy lifestyleproblems. Collecting data were done by distributing questionnaires<br>before and after education. The activity was carried out on August 7, 2020 at the Darul 'Ulum Islamic<br>Boarding School. The number of participants as84 students. Univariate data analysis were used and<br>presented with frequency distribution. Description of the characteristics of respondents in this service<br>activity of 84 students, more than half of the students were aged ? 13-15 years (58.3%), more than<br>half of their parents were senior high school( 53.6%), and less than half of parents were self-employed<br>(42.9%). The level of knowledgeof students about reproductive health before education was (58%) and<br>after education was (69%). Reproductive health cadres were formed as 9 people. The results of this<br>service are expected to increase students's knowledge, so consequently the arising problem can be<br>overcome. The number of existing cadres are 9 students. It is recommended to increase santriwati<br>knowledge through continuous education.</p> Hendri Devita , Putri Engla Pasalina , Sevilla Ukhtil Huvaid Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 THE RELATIONSHIP OF AGE AND PARITY WITH THE INCIDENCE OF PREECLAMSIA ON PREGNANT WOMEN AT DR. M YUNUS HOSPITAL, BENGKULU <p>Preeclampsia is a disorder that is found during pregnancy which is characterized by various clinical symptoms<br>such as hypertension, proteinuria, and edema that occur in pregnancy. In 2016 the Maternal Mortality Rate in<br>Bengkulu reached 224 per 100,000 live births. One of the causes of maternal mortality in Bengkulu is<br>preeclampsia (6.6%). The purpose of this study is to know the relationship of age and parity with the incidence<br>of preeclampsia in pregnant women at dr. M. Yunus Hospital in Bengkulu year 2018. This research method is<br>analytic survey with case control study design. The population in this study were all pregnant women in dr. M.<br>Yunus Hospital in Bengkulu year 2018. The sampling of this study was carried out 1:1 of all case variables<br>(preeclampsia sufferers) of 68 respondent, taken by Total sampling, while the control variable (not preeclampsia)<br>was taken Systematic Random Sampling, technique that is sampling using multiples recorded in the hospital<br>register. The results of this study there is no relationship between age and the incidesnce of preeclampsia in<br>pregnant women at RSUD dr. M. Yunus in 2018. With the value of p = 0.424&gt; ? = 0.05 and the value of Odds<br>Ratio or Risk Estimate = 1.496 and there is a significant relationship between parity and the incidence of<br>preeclampsia in pregnant women at RSUD dr. M. Yunus Bengkulu in 2018. With the value of p = 0.011 &lt;? =<br>0.05 with the medium category.It is expected that the results of this study can be a program development and<br>service improvement in reducing the prevalence of preeclampsia.</p> Metha Fahriani , Dewi Aprilia Ningsih.I , Waytherlis Apriani Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 THE RELATIONSHIP OF POSTPARTUM MOTHER KNOWLEDGE AND PARITIVES TO EARLY MOBILIZATION AT ABI UMMI DW SARMADI CLINIC, PALEMBANG <p>Early mobilization is a policy to as soon as possible guide the patient out of bed and guide her as soon as<br>possible to walk. Postpartum infection is a morbidity and mortality for postpartum mothers, postpartum care is<br>needed in the postpartum period because it is a critical period for mothers. It is estimated that 60% of maternal<br>deaths due to pregnancy occur after delivery and 50% of postpartum deaths occur within the first 24 hours<br>postpartum. The aim was to determine the relationship between knowledge and parity of postpartum mothers on<br>early mobilization at the Abi Ummi DW Sarmadi clinic in Palembang. Analytical survey research method with a<br>cross sectional approach. The study population was all postpartum mothers who were treated at Abi Ummi DW<br>Sarmadi Clinic Palembang. The research sample was taken purposively with a total of 26 respondents. The<br>results of the Chi Square statistical test obtained P-Value = 0.005 &lt;? (0.05), which means that there is a<br>significant relationship between the knowledge of postpartum mothers and early mobilization at the Abi Ummi<br>DW Sarmadi clinic in Palembang in 2020. And the results of the Chi Square statistical test obtained P-Value =<br>0.049 &lt; ? (0.05) which means that there is a significant relationship between the knowledge of postpartum<br>mothers and early mobilization at the Abi Ummi DW Sarmadi clinic in Palembang in 2020.</p> Ratna Dewi Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 EFFECT OF APPLICATION REBOZO TECHNIQUES ON PAIN INTENSITY AND ANXIETY LEVELS TO THE MOTHER GIVES BIRTH 1 ST PHASE OF ACTIVE <p>Pain in the mother of normal inpartu occurs because of the process of opening the way of birth, but can make<br>less comfortable for the mother. Pain makes the mother Inpartu feel uncomfortable and cause anxiety. If left to<br>be affected by the progress of labor. Usually the mother Inpartu Primipara undergo a process of childbirth<br>longer than Multipara so Primipara experienced longer labor pains can cause primipara feel more tired, fear<br>and anxiety increased to overcome it can be by doing one of the Rebozo Technique. The purpose of research to<br>know the influence of Rebozo Technique implementation of pain intensity and anxiety level of mother Inpartu<br>during active phase. The research used the research design of Pre-Experiment with 17 respondents of Inpartu<br>mothers who meet the criteria of inclusion with purposive sampling technique. Based on the statistical test<br>Paired T-Test using SPSS obtained P 0.000, with ? 0.05. Because the P 0,000 &lt; 0.05 is inferred H1 is accepted,<br>meaning there is an influence between the implementation of Rebozo Technique on the intensity of pain and<br>anxiety level in the mother Inpartu during active phase. Advice for healthcare professionals to increase<br>promotion of the importance of applying Rebozo Technique for maternity mothers’ active phase to lower anxiety<br>with noninvasive methods that are safe</p> Anik Sri Purwanti Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 THE EFFECT DURATION OF INTERNET USAGE ON THE PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT IN ADOLESCENT DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN MALANG CITY <p>The world is currently experiencing a Covid-19 pandemic including in Indonesia. The Government of Indonesia<br>implements Social distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19, this also applies to all individuals including<br>teenagers, the educational process that must be carried out remotely will make teenagers use the internet or<br>technology as a means. Continuous internet use will also have an impact on a teenager's physical or health. This<br>study aims to analyze the effect of the duration of internet use on the physical development of adolescents during<br>the covid-19 pandemic. The research method used is analytics with a Cross sectional approach. Respondn<br>consists of 236 teenagers in 2 villages namely Tanjung rejo village and Kasin Kota Malang. Sampling with<br>simple random sampling. The results of the study found that of adolescents who used the internet for more than 7<br>hours, the impact of physical development was expressed according to or experienced health impacts of 67<br>adolescents and from the Chi Square test a p= 0.000 value which means there is an influence or effect on the<br>duration of internet use with physical development. So the longer internet use increasingly affects the physical<br>development of adolescents, therefore the parents of teenagers should be wiser and limit in internet use so as not<br>to occur in the case of physical development or health.</p> Rosyidah Alfitri, Raden Maria Veronika, Widiatrilupi Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 RELATIONSHIP OF BIOLOGICAL FACTORS WITH STUNTING IN WEST PASAMAN DISTRICT <p>Stunting reflects the failure of child growth (growth faltering) in the long term. The impact of stunting that<br>occurs before children are 2 years old can increase the risk of cognitive decline, that is, they tend to have lower<br>IQs than normal children (Ministry of Village Disadvantaged, 2018). This study aims to determine the<br>relationship between biological factors and the incidence of stunting. The research design used analytic<br>observational design, namely cross sectional comparative. The research was conducted in the working area of<br>Puskesmas Sukamenanti Pasaman Barat from July to June 2020. The total sample was 100 which were selected<br>by consecutive sampling. which were divided into 2 groups, namely mothers who had editing children aged 6 -<br>23 months, while for control, mothers who had normal infants. then the data were analyzed by using the ChiSquare test. The results of the study were categorized as food intake, exclusive breastfeeding, age, gender, low<br>birth weight. The conclusion of this study is a significant relationship between the level of energy intake and a<br>history of low birth weight with the incidence of stunting in West Pasaman Regency.</p> Ira Suryanis, Putri Engla Pasalina , Iswenti Novera Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 MIDWIFERY CARE FOR WOMEN WITH LABOR PAIN USING THE ACUPRESSURE METHOD IN BPM JUMITA, SST, M.Kes BENGKULU CITY <p>The discomfort and pain during labor and the puerperium is unique in that it differs from other pains in that it is<br>part of a normal process whereas, other pain follows a pathological condition. Pain response can be seen from<br>changes in attitude, anxiety, moaning, crying and even roaring. Acupressure therapy is believed to be able to<br>physically calm down, stimulate endorphins, which in turn can reduce the scale of labor and puerperal pain. The<br>purpose of this case study report is to provide Maternity Nursing Care for Mrs R, 31 years old G4P2A1, 40-41<br>weeks of gestation with pain using the acupressure method at BPM Jumita, SST, M.kes, Bengkulu city with<br>midwifery management according to Varney. In the preparation of this case study report using descriptive<br>methods, namely by disclosing facts in accordance with the data obtained. From the assessment, it was found<br>that the results of the mother gave birth at 40-41 weeks of gestation, giving acupressure therapy at the 1st stage<br>of the opening of 6 cm of pain before being given therapy on a scale of 5 after treatment, in the first treatment<br>when the opening was 6 cm, the pain that the mother felt was on the scale. 5, after treatment it becomes 3.Second<br>when the opening is 8 cm, the pain that the mother feels is on a scale of 8, after treatment becomes 6.The third is<br>during the 2 hour postpartum pain that the mother feels on a scale of 4 after treatment becomes 2. The<br>conclusion is that there is a decrease in pain scale after acupressure therapy is given. It is hoped that health<br>workers, especially midwives, are able to reduce AKI and AKB by reducing complications that occur in pregnant<br>women, and applying non-pharmacological therapies that do not endanger the mother in providing care.</p> Yurence Dwi Cayani, Ice Rakizah Syafrie, Ronalen Br. Situmorang, Lezi Yovita Sari, Jumita Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 MIDWIFERY CARE FOR NEWBORN WITH A THREE MINUTE DELAY IN CUTTING THE UMBICAL CORD IN BPM FITRI, STr.Keb, BENGKULU CITY <p>One of the causes of the highest mortality rate in infants is neonatorum asphyxia, which is a condition when a<br>baby is born with a disruption in gas exchange and oxygen transport, resulting in lack of oxygen. According to<br>(Sarwono, 2016) research on infants with delayed umbilical cord binding showed that these babies had 32%<br>more blood volume compared to babies who cut their umbilical cord immediately, thus causing reasons for the<br>authors to raise this issue in the case report. This case report aims to gain direct knowledge and understanding<br>and be able to provide direct midwifery care to clients with a delay in cutting the umbilical cord to the fitness of<br>newborns through a comprehensive midwifery care process approach. In preparing this case report using<br>descriptive method, namely by disclosing facts according to the data obtained. From a study conducted<br>midwifery care for newborns with a delay in cutting the umbilical cord to the fitness of the newborn for 3<br>minutes, it can improve the fitness of newborns measured by SPO2 saturation has increased compared to<br>newborns with cutting the umbilical cord immediately. The delay in cutting the umbilical cord for three minutes<br>is very beneficial for newborns by providing benefits such as increasing optimal oxygen supply and increasing<br>blood transfer from the placenta by about 80-100 ml and it is hoped that this research can provide benefits to<br>newborns</p> Dena Ayu Dhea, Diyah Tepi Rahmawati, Indra Iswari Copyright (c) 2020 Wed, 04 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000 DESCRIPTION OF THE SUCCESSFUL PRODUCTION OF POST PUBILY ASI BY CONSUMING PEPAYA FRUIT IN BPM BENGKULU CITY <p>This study aims to describe the smooth production of breast milk for postpartum mothers by consuming papaya.<br>The method used in this research is descriptive method with a quantitative approach. The sample in this study<br>were 30 respondents with total sampling technique. The research instrument used an observation sheet with<br>univariate analysis. The results of the analysis showed that of the 30 postpartum mothers who consumed papaya<br>fruit, 23 (76.7%) of breast milk production was smooth and 7 (23.3%) milk production was not smooth. Based on<br>the amount of daily consumption of papaya fruit, there are 21 (70%) with the appropriate category and 9 (30%)<br>with the category not according to the number of doses per day. In order for mothers to be successful in<br>exclusively breastfeeding, mothers who are breastfeeding their babies must receive additional food to avoid<br>deterioration in the production and production of breastmilk. Lactagogum is a substance that can increase or<br>facilitate the production of milk. Synthetic lactagogum is not widely known and is relatively expensive. Papaya<br>fruit is a type of plant that contains lactagogue which has the potential to stimulate the hormones oxytocin and<br>prolactin which are useful in increasing and facilitating breast milk production. With this description, it is hoped<br>that midwives can provide comprehensive services that are provided from pregnant women to breastfeeding and<br>for families to be able to provide support for pregnant and lactating women to provide exclusive breastfeeding.</p> Herlinda , Lety Arlenty Copyright (c) 2020 Wed, 04 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000 THE INFLUENCE OF PEOPLE WITH EARLY MARRIED EVENTS DUE TO FREE ASSOCIATION (CASE STUDY) IN KECAMATAN ILIR TALO DISTRICT FOR 2020 <p>Early marriage is a marriage done by someone who is relatively young. The relatively young age referred to is<br>the age of puberty, which is the age between 10-19 years. One area in Indonesia, one of which is Ilir Talo<br>District, Seluma Regency, Bengkulu Province, many early marriages occur. Early marriages that occur are one<br>of them caused by peers, peers greatly affect the sadness of early marriage, which in adolescents often tell how<br>they are dating like having premarital sex, so that other peers listen and become curious and there is a sense of<br>wanting to try it. there is no distance between the opposite sex, they are free to want to do anything and are free<br>to want to hang out with anyone, today's teenagers have followed western styles, such as dressing immodestly,<br>going out at night with the opposite sex freely, and freely engaged in married sex without any fear of health and<br>future career, Karen was suggested was just a moment's pleasure.</p> Lezi Yovita Sari, Desi Aulia Umami , Wulandari Copyright (c) 2020 Wed, 04 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000 RELATIONSHIP OF KEGEL EXERCISES IN PRIMIGRAVID PREGNANT WOMEN WITH THE EVEN OF THE RUPTUR PERINEUM IN PMB WORKING AREA OF PUSKESMAS TELAGA DEWA <p>The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is a relationship between Kegel exercises and the<br>incidence of perineal rupture in primigravida mothers in PMB Bengkulu City. This study is an analytical<br>correlation with a cross sectional approach. The sample consisted of 20 respondents, the first group was the<br>group that did Kegel exercises while the second group was the control group. Data were analyzed by ChiSquare. The results showed that the third trimester primigravida pregnant women who did Kegel exercises did<br>not experience perineal rupture of 9 people (90%), while those who did not experienced perineal rupture of 7<br>people (70%). The results of the p value test (0.003) &lt;? (0.05) indicate a significant relationship between Kegel<br>exercises and the occurrence of perineal rupture. Suggestions to health workers, especially midwives who work<br>at the research site, provide counseling and motivation for pregnant women to do Kegel exercises regularly<br>during pregnancy in order to prevent bleeding due to perineal rupture.</p> Sari Widayaningsih , Erli Zainal , Rismayan Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 EFFECT OF COLD COMPRESS ON PERENIUM WOUND HEALING IN THE WORKING AREA OF THE TELAGA DEWA HEALTH CENTER <p>The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of cold compresses to accelerate healing<br>of episiotomy sutures in post-natal women. Total samples were 20 postpartum mothers with<br>second degree episiotomy wounds. This study used primary data (postpartum data and<br>observation of wound healing every 0 - 7 days using the reeda scale system in the control and<br>treatment groups. The results of univariate analysis of 20 postpartum mothers showed the<br>results of research that had been carried out, from 10 postpartum mother respondents who<br>given cold compress treatment at most healed within 5 days as many as 7 people (70%) and 6<br>days as many as 3 people (30%) with faster perenium wound healing, while 10 postpartum<br>mother respondents who were not cold compressed the most recovered&gt; 7 days as many as 9<br>people (90%) with slow perenium wound healing Results of Bivariate Analysis Of the 20<br>respondents studied, those who were subjected to cold compresses would experience faster<br>perenium wound healing (10 people) than those who were not treated with cold compresses.<br>value = 0.000, which means that there is an effect of cold compresses on perineal wound<br>healing on the acceleration of healing acceleration perenium injury.</p> Lolli Nababan , Sari Widyaningsih Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 FACTORS RELATED TO THE INCIDENCE OF HEPATITIS DR. SOBIRIN HOSPITAL IN MUSI RAWAS REGENCY IN 2020 <p>Hepatitis B is one of the infectious diseases caused by a virus that attacks the liver. It is estimated that about two<br>billion people worldwide have been exposed to Hepatitis B Virus (VHB). VHB currently infects more than 350<br>million people in the world or approximately 5% of the world's population. In Indonesia, the proportion is<br>21.8% of all hepatitis types in Indonesia. In 2019, the number of hepatitis B cases in South Sumatra Province<br>was 2,130 cases, in Musi Rawas Regency was 335 cases and in Hospital dr. Sobirin Musi Rawas Regency was<br>73 cases. The purpose of this study is to find out the factors related to the incidence of Hepatitis B in hospital dr.<br>Sobirin Musi Rawas Regency Year 2020. This research is quantitative research with case-control design. The<br>sampling technique is total-sampling where all populations that meet inclusion criteria are used as samples<br>namely as many as 45 case sample respondents and 45 control sample respondents. The data analysis method<br>used is univariate analysis and bivariate analysis with chi-square test using SPSS Program version 26. The<br>results of the univariate analysis found that out of 90 respondents, the results of the bivariate analysis showed<br>that there was a significant relationship between smoking history (p=0.014; OR=3,500; 95% CI=1,372-8,926),<br>mating status (p=0.036; OR=3,083; 95% CI=1,170-8,129), gender (p=0.027; OR=3,063; 95% CI=1,227-7,645)<br>with hepatitis B incidence. It is recommended to dr. Sobirin Hospital musi rawas regency to be able to further<br>improve the promotion of health and health services optimally for the deoucination of hepatitis B incidence.</p> Winda Lestari, Fiya Diniarti, Darmawansyah Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 CORELATION OF TRAINING WITH IMPLEMENTATION OF EARLY OF INITIATION OF BREASTFEEDING (IMD) IN INDEPENDENT PRACTICE MIDWIFES (BPM) OF BENGKULU <p>This study aimed to investigate: the relationship between training attended by midwives and<br>the implementation of IMD in the Independent Practice Midwives of Bengkulu City. This type<br>of research is an analytical survey research with a cross sectional approach. The research<br>subjects were 49 independent practicing midwives at BPM who were drawn using<br>proportional techniques. The data were collected using a questionnaire and analyzed using<br>the Chi square test. The results showed that there was a significant relationship between<br>training (p = 0.005) and the implementation of IMD. In conclusion, there is a significant<br>relationship between training and the implementation of IMD. Early Initiation of<br>Breastfeeding (IMD) will be carried out well if the midwife is committed to carrying out her<br>role starting from the time the mother is in the antenatal period.</p> Iin Nilawati, Dita Selvianati Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 RELATIONSHIP OF KNOWLEDGE SOURCES OF INFORMATION FAMILY SUPPORT ON THE EVENT OF VULVAE PRURITES WHEN MENSTRUCTIONIN SMPN 10 SOUTH BENGKULU <p>Organ external are essential components for men and women.But didominasikan in woman because women have<br>reproductive systems sensitive to a disease even the state of disease more connected with its function and the<br>ability on health reproduction.The purpose of research to know relations knowledge, a source of information<br>and family encouragement to events pruritus vulvae when menstrual.Research methodology it uses descriptive<br>analytic with the approach cross sectional, research sample areas a student of class ii smpn 10 bengkulu south<br>2015 by using total of sampling to 67 people, data analysis by using univariat and bivariat use test chi<br>squaere.The results of the study based on the univariat and bivariat obtained picture of respondents who have<br>scene pruritus vulvae when menstrual as many as 40 of ( 59,7 % ).Who has knowledge less some 43 of ( 64,2 %<br>). Have the information less thirty-one of ( 46,3 % ) .Having dukungam poor families as many as 39 people (<br>58,2 % ) .The results of statistical tests bivariat scene pruritus vulvae when period in get value p = 0,012 .So can<br>be concluded there was a correlation between knowledge , a source of information , family encouragement to<br>events pruritus vulvae when menstrual .From the study writer give advice to teachers in order added and update<br>health information especially about the importance of the clean and healthy living and provide guidance<br>routinely to the face.</p> Taufianie Rossita Copyright (c) 2020 Wed, 04 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000 KNOWLEDGE, LIVING ENVIRONTMENT, ATTITUDES, AND EDUCATION RELATED INCIDENCE OF DIARRHEA IN TODDLERS IN THE WORK AREA OF THE SUKA MERINDU HEALTH CENTER, BENGKULU CITY <p>The purpose of this study was to determine whether the relationship between knowledge, education level, living<br>environment, attitude, nutritional status simultaneously with the incidence of diarrhea among toddlers at<br>Sukamerindu Health Center, Bengkulu City . This research is an analytic study with a design research approach (<br>cross -sectional ) , where the research was done by measuring the independent variables (knowledge, living<br>environment, attitudes) and the dependent variable (diarrhea) at the same time . The results showed that some<br>(50.6%) of respondents had good knowledge, less than some (49.4%) of respondents had a supportive attitude<br>and some (50.6%) of respondents had an unhealthy living environment. The results of the bivariate analysis<br>using test Chi-square found no significant association between knowledge and attitudes as well as environmental<br>temp a t live with diarrhea ( p = 0.000). Can in conclude for Health workers to improve health education<br>programs, especially about the importance of good hygiene practices and healthy so that the diarrhea can be<br>prevented and reduced.</p> Rismayani Copyright (c) 2020 Wed, 04 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000 STUNTING PREVENTION THROUGH EXCLUSIVE ASI AND MP-ASI IN BUKIT SILEH, SOLOK DISTRICT, WEST SUMATERA <p>Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) states that 51% of child mortality is caused by pneumonia,<br>diarrhea, measles, and malaria. More than half of these deaths were closely related to nutritional problems.<br>Therefore, the main priority for handling is to improve the feeding of infants and children and improve the<br>nutrition of their mothers. For the area of Solok Regency, including the stunting number No. 3 in West Sumatra<br>after Pasaman, West Pasaman and the third is Solok District. The Bukit Sileh Health Center is located in<br>Lembang Jaya District, at the Bukit Sileh Health Center, the road access to the Bukit Sileh Health Center area<br>is very challenging because the road is up, down and small and steep because this area is in the hills and is<br>between the Lake Below and the Lake in Above, in Solok Regency. The aim is to provide education about the<br>importance of maintaining health for 1000 days of a baby's life, provide training to mothers in making<br>complementary foods for breastfeeding originating from natural resources in the area, this training will be<br>taught to the community, about making complementary foods for breastfeeding. Creating a Wasting Corner<br>(Stunting Alert). That the level of knowledge before being given counseling was good, 36%, and after being<br>given counseling, most of the mothers' knowledge level was good 54%. the mother's level of knowledge is less<br>than 46%. The result of this dedication is to increase public knowledge and awareness about the dangers of<br>stunting, as well as the importance of early detection of stunting through the wasting corner. For parents who<br>have children under five, training is carried out on the processing of complementary complementary foods.</p> Zulfrias Riaty, Dian Eka Nursyam, Hary Budiman Copyright (c) 2020 Mon, 26 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000 RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LOW WEIGHT, PREMATURE AND HISTORY OF MOTHER HYPERTENSIONWITH SCORE VALUE SCORE NEW BABY BORN IN RSUD PASAR REBO EAST JAKARTA <p>Indicators that are sensitive enough to see the success of health development in a country is the infant mortality<br>rate ( IMR ). Apgar assessment is very important because in order to minimize morbidity and infant mortality.<br>The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of low birth weight, premature , and a history of<br>maternal hypertension with an Apgar score &lt; 7 in newborns. This study uses descriptive analytic research with<br>cross sectional approach. Samples numbered 89 newborns in Pasar Rebo Hospital. The research data using<br>secondary data from medical records. The data obtained will be analyzed using univariate and bivariate<br>and delivered with a frequency distribution table and narration. Results of analysis using chi-square test was<br>obtained there is a relationship between low birth weight (p -Value = 0.000), Premature (p -Value = 0.000),<br>history of hypertension mother (p -Value = 0,040) Rated Apgar scores &lt; 7 in newborns. The conclusion from<br>this study is there is a relationship between low birth weight, Premature, and history of hypertension with Value<br>Apgar scores &lt; 7 at the Newborn in the General Hospital of Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta.</p> Yesi Putri Copyright (c) 2020 Wed, 04 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000 SIMULATION METHOD WITH TRAINING (Drill) ON THE RESULTS OF LEARNING MIDWIFERY CARE IN THE FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCEBENGKULU DEHASEN UNIVERSITY <p>Education is a process of changing the attitude and behavior of a person or group of people in maturing humans<br>through teaching and training efforts. This study aims to determine the difference in the effectiveness of the<br>simulation learning method with drills on the learning outcomes of Midwifery Care II for Midwifery students<br>DIII Faculty of Health Sciences, Dehasen University Bengkulu in 2019. The research design used the preexperimental method One Group Pretest Posttest method using two methods. different treatment of groups of<br>students. The population was all students in semester III Midwifery DIII Faculty of Health Sciences, Dehasen<br>University Bengkulu in 2019, totaling 30 people. The data was processed and carried out using SPSS. The results<br>showed that there was a difference between the simulation method and the Askeb II learning outcome with a pvalue of 0.000, and there was a difference between the training method and the learning outcomes of Askeb II<br>with a p-value of 0.000. The suggestion in this research is that the simulation method can be applied to<br>Midwifery DIII, Faculty of Health Sciences, Dehasen University Bengkulu in 2019 because it has a more<br>positive effect than the training method (drill), so it can improve learning outcomes in the Askeb II course.</p> Desi Aulia Umami Copyright (c) 2020 Wed, 04 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000 PEER RELATIONSHIP WITH SMOKING BEHAVIOR IN BOYS IN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 4 BENGKULU CITY IN 2020 <p>Data from Riskesdas, states that the smoker statistics among Indonesian adolescents have increased with the<br>Prevalence of smoker with a population of &gt;15 years in 2013 being 7,2%, in 2018 it increased to 9,1%. It is still<br>far from the target of the 2019 RJPM (Mid-Term Development Pan) of 5,4%. The study aims to see the<br>relationship between peers and smoking behavior in male adolescents at Senior High School 4 Kota Bengkulu<br>in 2020. The method used is an analytical research design with a Cross Sectional approach. The population in<br>this study were all male adolescents in Senior High School 4 Kota Bengkulu City class XI, the number of<br>samples was using Proportionate Stratified Random Sampling. This study used the Chi-Square test. The results<br>of the Univariate test analysis were obtained by more than some respondent (54,5%) with negative peer<br>influence, more than some respondents (52,7%) with moderate smoking behavior. Meanwhile, the Bivariate<br>analysis test found that there was a peer relationship with adolenscents at Senior High School 4 Bengkulu City<br>in 2020 with a p-value = 0,002 (p-value &lt;<br>0,05). It is suggested that the results of this study can provide data and<br>contribute suggestions for the school regarding the description of smoking behavior in a better direction to<br>create healthy adolescents for the future</p> Aprilia Susanti, Mariza Arfianti , Danur Azissah RS Copyright (c) 2020 Wed, 04 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000 RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MOTHER'S KNOWLEDGE ON STIMULATION AND PRE-SCHOOL CHILDREN DEVELOPMENT (3-6 YEARS) IN THE VILLAGE OF TANJUNG NEGARA KECAMATAN KEDURANG DISTRICT BENGKULU SELATAN IN 2020 <p>Based on data from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in 2018 the rate of delay in child<br>development in Indonesia was 11.7%, in the gross motor aspect of 2.2%, in the fine motor aspect of 4.8%, in the<br>language aspect of 35.4%, and in social aspects of 30.1%. The purpose of this study was to determine the<br>relationship between maternal knowledge about stimulation and the development of preschool children (3-5<br>years) in Tanjung Negara Village, Kedurang District, South Bengkulu Regency. The method used is an analytic<br>research design with a cross sectional approach, data was collected through questionnaires distributed to 36<br>respondents in the village of Tanjung Negara, Kedurang District, South Bengkulu Regency, with a total<br>sampling technique. The results of the univariate test showed that more than half of the children had normal<br>development (according to age) (58.3%), and almost half of the children (41.7%) had abnormal development<br>(not according to age). The results of the Bivariate analysis showed a relationship between maternal knowledge<br>about stimulation and the development of preschool children where the p value was (0.014). Researchers suggest<br>to mothers to be able to stimulate their children more often, so that their children's development is more optimal.</p> Rara Fentari, Ida Samidah, Elsi Rahmadani Copyright (c) 2020 Wed, 04 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000 THE EFFECT OF DIET EDUCATION ON DIET COMPLIANCE IN HYPERTENSION PATIENTS IN THE WORKING AREA OF PUSKESMAS INSTITUTIONSIN KEMBANG MUMPO SELUMA DISTRICT IN 2020 <p>The pattern of non-communicable diseases in Indonesia tends to increase and begins to threaten at a young age,<br>one of the non-communicable diseases is hypertension. According to data from the World Health Organization<br>(WHO) in 2015, nearly 1 billion people worldwide have high blood pressure. This study aims to see the effect of<br>diet education on dietary compliance in hypertension sufferers in the working area of the Kembang Mumpo<br>Puskesmas inpatient in Seluma Regency in 2020. The method used is the design used in this study is the Pre<br>Experimental Design (The One Group Pre Test-Post Test Design). The population in this study were aged 20-44<br>in 2019, totaling 113 people at the Kembang Mumpo Puskesmas inpatient in Seluma Regency and the sample<br>used was 23 respondents, with the sampling technique using purposive sampling technique. The results of the<br>univariate test analysis were obtained that most of the respondents (65.2%) were female, most of the respondents<br>(60.9%) had high school education, most of the respondents (56.5%) were farmers, most of the respondents<br>(65.2%) with the category of dietary adherence not adhering, before education was carried out, and most of the<br>respondents (56.5%) with the category of dietary adherence were obedient after education. While the bivariate<br>analysis test with the Paired T-test statistical test results obtained ? = 0,000 from ? ? 0.05. So it was concluded<br>that there was an effect of dietary education on dietary compliance in hypertensive patients in the working area<br>of the Kembang Mumpo Puskesmas in Seluma District. It is suggested to provide health education about the<br>hypertension diet so that it can further increase the knowledge of hypertensive patients about the implementation<br>of the hypertension diet which is useful for patients to control blood pressure to maintain the patient's health<br>status.</p> A.Agusmi Petriana Sari, Ida Samidah, Murwati Copyright (c) 2020 Wed, 04 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000 FACTORS RELATED TO SMOKING BEHAVIOR IN ADOLESCENTS IN SMANEGERI 10 KOTA BENGKULU IN 2020 <p>Data from Riskesdas 2018, states that smoking statistics among Indonesian adolescents have increased with the<br>prevalence of smokers in the population&gt; 15 years of 2019 by 5.4%. For Indonesia, the highest smoking<br>prevalence is in West Java (32%) and the lowest in Bali (23.5%), Bengkulu is the fourth with a percentage of<br>30.2%. This study aims to look at the factors related to smoking behavior in male adolescents at SMA Negeri 10<br>Bengkulu City in 2020. The method used is an analytical research design with a cross sectional approach. The<br>population in this study were all male adolescents class XI SMA Negeri 10 Bengkulu City totaling 92 people.<br>For taking the sample proportion for each class XI SMA Negeri 10 Bengkulu City using a total sampling<br>technique, amounting to 92 people using the proportion of the sample for each class. This study uses the chisquare test. The results of the univariate test analysis showed that most of the respondents (56.5%) had the effect<br>of advertising, most of the respondents (54.3%) stated that there were factors from parents, most of the<br>respondents (55.4%) that there were factors from personality. in adolescents, and most of the respondents<br>(54.3%) stated that the smoking behavior of adolescents was moderate. While the bivariate analysis test found<br>that there was a relationship between parental factors, advertising factors, and personality factors on smoking<br>behavior among male adolescents at SMA Negeri 10 Bengkulu City in 2020 (with p value = 0.002, 0.025, 0.015<br>p-value ? 0.005). It is suggested that the results of this study can provide input to parents and teachers to pay<br>attention to several factors that cause smoking behavior in adolescents, so that they can provide education and<br>guidance to adolescents related to the dangers of smoking</p> Ana Maria Sofiana, Murwati , Dilfera Hermiati Copyright (c) 2020 Wed, 04 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000 FACTORS AFFECTING THE USE OF CONTRACEPTIVES IN EARLY MARRIED COUPLES IN THE WORKING AREA OF PUBLIC HEALTH PADANG PASIR, PADANG CITY <p>Marriage that is too early is the beginning of reproductive health problems because the younger the age<br>of marriage, the longer the reproductive period of a woman will have an impact on the number of children born.<br>The use of contraception is very important to space and limit pregnancies. Data on young pregnant women in the<br>Padang Pasir Public health Work Area in 2018 were 30 people. The purpose of this study was to see the factors<br>that influence the use of contraceptives in early married couples. This type of analytical research with a crosssectional approach was carried out in the working area of Public health Padang Pasir, Padang City in May 2018.<br>The population of all couples who married early was 30 people. Samples were taken by total sampling. Data<br>collection using a questionnaire. Then the data were analyzed by univariate and bivariate with the chi-square<br>statistical test. The results of the research that have been carried out are less than half (40.0%) who were<br>pregnant at the age of 19 years, while at the age of 18 as many as (33.3%) and at the age of 17 years (26.7%).<br>For the use of contraception in early married couples, it was found that 60.0% of couples did not use<br>contraception. As much as 53.3% of early married couples have a low level of knowledge. As much as 56.7% of<br>early married couples did not get information from health workers. As much as 56.7% of early married couples<br>did not receive support from their husbands. Meanwhile, the bivariate test results from all independent variables<br>found that there was a relationship between the level of knowledge, information from health workers and<br>husband's support with the use of contraceptives in early married couples. The conclusion in this study is that<br>there is a relationship between the level of knowledge, information from health workers and husband's support<br>with the use of contraceptives in early married couples, it is hoped that health workers, especially midwives, can<br>improve services and provide information to all mothers of couples of childbearing age in particular. to couples<br>who get married at an early age regarding the use of age-appropriate contraceptives.</p> Vitri Yuli Afni Amran Copyright (c) 2020 Wed, 04 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000 EFFECTIVENESS OF HEALTH EDUCATION ON MOTHER'S KNOWLEDGE ABOUT ISPA OF TODDLERS <p>According to the Ministry of Health ri 2010 deaths due to ISPA is more dominated by toddlers aged 1-4 years, <br>namely more than 2 million deaths each year, this also means 1 in 5 toddlers die every day. Of all cases of infant <br>deaths aged 1-5 due to ISPA, three-quarters occurred in 15 countries, including Indonesia which ranked sixth <br>with the number of ISPA cases as many as 6m cases per year, in general the discovery of ISPA cases in <br>Indonesia is astounding. The purpose of this study was to find out the Effectiveness of Health Education Towards <br>Improving Mother's Knowledge about ISPA in Toddlers at Mukomuko Hospital. Experimental research with <br>quasi Experimental Study design approach of one-group pre-post test design that aims to see the effectiveness of <br>health education against increased knowledge about ISPA in toddlers. The research was conducted on all <br>mothers who have toddlers with who come to The Children's Poly of Mukomuko Hospital with inclusion criteria: <br>willing to be respondents, mothers who have toddlers. The size of the sample was 24 people by accidental <br>sampling. Univariate test results of good maternal knowledge 3 (12.5%) before being given a health and good <br>education 23 (95.8%) after being given health. So it can be concluded that there is a significant difference in <br>knowledge before being given a health education and after being given a health education. Bivariate analysis <br>with Paired T Test showed that the average pre and post knowledge was 2.7 and the standard deviation was 3.7. <br>A p value of 0.000 &lt; 0.005 means highly effective health education against knowledge.<br>Researchers suggest that hospitals can provide knowledge about ISPA to toddlers</p> Sulastri Copyright (c) 2022 Fri, 16 Oct 2020 00:00:00 +0000