Peran Dinas Pariwisata Dalam Mempromosikan Potensi Wisata Di Kabupaten Kaur


  • Indria Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu
  • Vethy Octaviani Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu


The Role of Public Relations, Kaur Regency Tourism Office, Tourism Potential


This study aims to determine the role of the Kaur Regency Tourism Office in promoting tourism potential. The theory uses the theory of the role of public relations according to Ruslan, including the role as a communicator, establishing cooperation, supporting management and shaping the image of tourist objects in Kaur Regency. The research method uses qualitative data analysis techniques through reduction, data collection and drawing conclusions. The results of the study found that the role as a communicator by disseminating news or information and preparing data or publicity information, the role in fostering cooperation to strengthen the role or duties of the parties involved, and plans to expand cooperation related to promotion, the role as a management supporter can classify management and promotion problems and absorb tourist desires, the role of shaping the image of tourism objects by cooperating with local TV and websites in promoting the potential of superior tourism objects in Kaur Regency. New media that is most effective in promoting tourism objects is Facebook. The research suggestion is to cooperate with hotel managers and tourism travel agents and update the documentation related to publicity through Facebook.




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