Strategi Perencanaan Komunikasi Komunitas Peduli Puspa Langka Dalam Mempromosikan Kota Bengkulu


  • Vethy Octaviani Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu
  • Yanto Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu


Communication Strategy, Puspa Community, Bengkulu Promotion


The Rare Puspa Care Community feels a sense of responsibility in disseminating information related to their area, namely the city of Bengkulu, this study aims to find out the Communication Planning Strategy of the Rare Puspa Care Community in Promoting Bengkulu City. The author's data collection uses qualitative descriptive methods with data collection tools using interviews, observation and documentation, the results of this study indicate that in promoting Bengkulu City using the consideration of a communicator who is skilled at communicating, rich in ideas, and full of creativity. Actually, in the concept of a communicator there are conditions that a communicator must have, namely; credibility, attractiveness, and strength, when they have these four abilities, it will be easier for the audience to trust. The message conveyed is to promote Bengkulu City through the Rare Puspa Care community. The media for delivering messages and disseminating information uses social media, namely whatshaap and directly invites communicants to come visit Bengkulu City. While the targets here are the Tourism Office, NGOs, Schools, and the surrounding community. Apart from that, the teglain which is always a jargon is also always conveyed "Bengkulu Ramah Bengkulu Hebat" so that the message conveyed can be remembered and attached to the memory of the communicant.




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