Gaya hidup kompulsif gamers online mobile legends Bang Bang di kota Bengkulu


  • Muhammad Afif Alghaffaru Universitas dehasen Bengkulu
  • Ahmad Soleh Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu
  • M. Rahmat Febliansa Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu

Kata Kunci:

Keywords: Compulsive Lifestyle, Mobile Legends Bang Bang Online Gamers.




  The aim of this research is to find out the compulsive lifestyle of Mobile Legends Bang Bang gamers in Bengkulu City. Based on the characteristics of the research, a research sample of 100 was obtained using the purposive sampling method. For this type of research, it is descriptive research, which is research conducted to determine the existence of the value of independent variables, either one or more variables (independent) without making comparisons or connecting them with other variables, while the research method used is the correlational method, which is a research method that uses used to determine the influence of two or more variables.

Based on the research results Based on the research results obtained in data processing using the SPSS version 22 program with the title "Lifestyle of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Online Gamers in Bengkulu City" it can be concluded that 1) the results obtained after data processing analysis of SPSS 22 results show that 15 statements In the table, each variable mostly has a valid value, so the measuring instrument used is declared valid with a calculated r level > r table (0.138) and a significant level < 0.05, which means the research measuring instrument is valid and can be used as a tool. study. 2) the results of the analysis of the SPSS 22 program used show that each variable is declared reliable because each variable has a Cronbach's alpha value above 0.60, which means that all variables are reliable. 3) the Activity dimension is real action. These activities can include work, hobbies, social events, holidays, entertainment, association membership, internet browsing, and shopping. Consumer activities (activities) are characteristics of consumers in their daily lives. 4) The interest dimension is an act of passion which includes special or continuous attention. Each person's interests or passions are different. Sometimes humans are interested in food, sometimes humans are interested in clothing fashion, and so on. Interest is a consumer's personal factor in influencing the decision making process. 5) The opinion dimension is the verbal or written answer that people give in response to a situation. Opinion is used to describe an interpretation, expectations, and evaluations such as beliefs about the intentions of others, anticipation regarding future events, and weighing the rewarding or punishing consequences of alternative courses of action.





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Afif Alghaffaru, M., Soleh , A. ., & Febliansa, M. R. . (2023). Gaya hidup kompulsif gamers online mobile legends Bang Bang di kota Bengkulu . Seminar Nasional Ekonomi Manajemen, Bisnis Dan Akuntansi, 11–18. Diambil dari

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